SlagwerkTama TTK5S trainings kit

SlagwerkTama TTK5S trainings kit
SlagwerkTama TTK5S trainings kit
True Touch Training Kit is a revolutionary practice kit that not only offers the low volume required for practicing at home, but also allows drummers to perform critical technique refinement needed to improve their musical expression.
The combination of quiet acoustic volume, realistic acoustic touch and sensitive dynamic expression results in a highly satisfying acoustic drum feeling, something that has not been possible with conventional practice kits until now.

TTK5S Configuration
Solid Kick Bass Pad
AAD Snare Pad
8" high tom pad w/ mounting clamp
8.5" low tom pad w/ mounting clamp
9" floor tom w/ clamp & boom arm & L-rod
Tom stand
Hi-hat stand, snare stand, cymbal stands, kick pdal and cymbals are not included.

AAD Snare Pad (Accuracy Articulation Dynamics)
TAMA's True Touch AAD Snare Pad provides the utmost dynamic expression, articulation and accuracy in a practice pad. The pad incorporates a multi-layered design using strong, heavy base materials and multiple layered foam pad materials. A sound source hidden inside the pad produces an immediate response snare buzz sound that is dynamic. This critical "sound feedback" gives the drummer critical information necessary to refine their technique. The two-ply mesh top layer material produces realistic stick response and can be "tuned" from low-mid-high to "dial-in" player feel. The top hoop is raised, similar to an actual drum hoop, to allow drummers to accent rim shots and play side-stick techniques. The overall pad construction and material combination produces a springy-yet-firm stick rebound quality that fully immerses drum stick technique with responsive, detailed rhythmic information.

Acousti-tone Tom & Floor Tom Pads
Tom and floor tom pads are designed to produce realistic stick response, while emanating a low-volume acoustic drum sound. Accordingly, the pad surface is a dual-layer of foam rubber with a moderately soft touch response, not overly springy, and a pliable resin shell acts as an acoustic chamber.

Solid Kick Bass Pad
TAMA's True Touch Solid Kick Bass Pad provides the utmost dynamic expression, articulation and accuracy in a bass drum practice pad. Designed to achieve accurate bass drum feel with a very low volume acoustic tone, the drum pad is constructed with multiple foam material layers that give a solid strike that has a slight "give." Air holes on the back side of the housing allow air to disperse at beater impact to deliver a solid, accurate strike. The unique tone response produces a dynamic, slightly open note, a tone much different than other bass drum practice pads on the market. Using a wide and extended two-legged stance, the bass pad feels anchored and solid. The pad can accommodate virtually any type/style of single bass drum pedal and most double pedal brands can be used with this pad. Pad height can be quickly adjusted to give position flexibility to match your preferred pedals.

Tom Stand
Tom stand features specially designed Space Save Tripod Legs which provide a stable base while saving space.

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